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We are open for business with online services. Starting in august we will be offering one on one sessions.

Deb Shostek – Sharon Tutoring

Your son or daughter might be struggling with calculus, or overwhelmed with chemistry homework. Whether it’s the subject or the teacher that is hard to understand, Deb Shostek’s Sharon tutoring services can help.

Often, students who excel in some disciplines may face difficulties in other subjects. Has your student recently advanced to an honors or AP-level class? Did your student just transfer from another school system?. Regardless of the reason, Deb Shostek can help your son or daughter overcome challenges and excel despite obstacles in their way.

Each Student Is Unique

Every student has unique strengths and weaknesses and their own personal learning method. Whether they struggle with algebra or find biology most challenging, I am here to help.

I don’t have a one-size-fits-all solution. On the other hand, I tailor my tutoring services to the student. What’s their greatest challenge? What’s their biggest pitfall? By accurately assessing where they’re at and where they need to be, I can help by teaching them concepts and strategies for success in the areas where they fall short.


When Math and Science Are Overwhelming

Educated and trained as a biochemist, I have extensive knowledge of math and science. While middle schoolers may encounter difficulties with algebra, high school juniors find AP Chemistry is their hardest class. It’s normal – both math and science are tough subjects for many. But with my experience, I’ve found it often only takes a little bit of one-on-one attention for many students to fully absorb the lessons taught in the classroom, and the best way to approach the problems in their homework.

Your Local Resource for Homework and Test Study Help

Whether it’s a lab sheet or a final, I can offer assistance. If you find your student has one specific subject in which they struggle, I recommend setting up a weekly class session. This way, we can track their homework assignments and prepare for upcoming tests well in advance. Not only will this decrease their stress level, but it will also help you rest easy too, knowing your student has a reliable tutor they can turn to when deadlines approach.

Let Me Help Your Student Succeed

Your student has big dreams and bright hopes for their future, and I want to help them realize their goals. I offer tutoring services for students in and around Sharon not for the sole purpose of helping them get A’s, but so they can take the skills they learn in my sessions forward into the next stage of life: college or the workplace. I want to help your student achieve today and tomorrow. Call or email me today and let’s talk about how tutoring can make a difference in their life.
Deb is great! There is no science or math she doesn’t know. She’s really patient with the kids and genuinely cares about how they are doing. She’s very fairly priced and also very flexible in terms of scheduling. I’ve been using her for years and she’s an excellent tutor.

Sharon, MA