My tutoring services are designed to help students achieve better grades and test scores, but also to discover a new love of learning. Through engaging private or semi-private classes, my students enjoy an optimized learning experience, tailored to improve their weaknesses while celebrating their strengths.

I offer tutoring in the following math subjects:

  • Algebra I
  • Algebra II
  • Geometry
  • Precalculus
  • Calculus

I offer tutoring in the following sciences:

  • Honors Biology
  • Anatomy
  • Honors Chemistry
  • AP Chemistry
  • Physics

 Preparing for the ACT and SAT is essential. In an increasingly competitive college admissions process, your student’s score could make all of the difference. Acceptance letters and generous financial aid packages will help your students achieve their goals, but it starts now, in high school.

I can help them anticipate the types of problems they’ll face when they sit down to take both of these tests. Through regular practice and correction, I will teach them to apply the concepts they’ve learned in high school math and science to these tests.

Unless you’re a mathematician or scientist yourself, it can be confusing, stressful and downright frustrating helping your teen with their homework. Didn’t you just graduate high school? How did all these concepts already slip your mind?

Math and science are difficult to retain unless you practice it in everyday life. Don’t spend hours trying to relearn their textbook so that you can help with homework. Call Deb Shostek instead! Together, your student and I will get their homework turned in on time.

No more end-of-semester tears. When your student works with me throughout the school year, we have test dates marked on the calendar, and we’re completely focused on acing each. As confidence builds, they no longer have midterm jitters – they sleep better knowing they’ve worked hard to prepare.

For students who need a one-time appointment to go over key concepts before a big test, I’m here for you too. If there’s one type of problem you just can’t quite get, we can tackle that and much more in a test preparation session.

Semi-private lessons offer students the ability to interact with other students yet still get focused attention from a tutor in a small group setting. This can help students see that others are challenged in math and science – it’s not just them. It can also be beneficial to have students learn from each other, under the guidance of a tutor. A group learning environment may keep students engaged with the topic and the work. Are semi-private lessons a good option for your student? Let’s talk about your student and find the best fit for them.

As always, I’m here for both students and parents who have questions, whether it’s a tough chemistry problem or a simple inquiry about my services. Call or email me today and let’s talk about how I can help.